Word Glut

I’ve written more in the past 4 days than I have in the last month. I binged, admittedly, on the juicy and irresistible words. They were so easy to consume. I gorged on them. They hit the page as quickly as my nimble digits could craft them. Witty little snippets. Fancy statements forged from simple … Continue reading

Tiger-Momming My Ideas

I have a most-vivid imagination. In a coaching exercise once, I was challenged to close my eyes and envision my “future self”… not just me as a human being, beyond that. What did my future self look like? What expression was on my future self’s face? Where is my future self? At home, in an … Continue reading

The Feeling of Fixing

The second it becomes apparent that something is broken… a process, a paradigm, a reality that just shouldn’t have to be… I feel a spark of frustration and a guttural groan emerges from deep inside. I immediately pick up a pen and grab for a legal pad to jot down the details contributing to said … Continue reading

Almost 29 Years

It took me over a quarter of a century to realize I am creative. My mom’s favorite parenting story to share with quasi-strangers is about how I loved to draw as a child. She tells it in such a way that you would think I grew up to be a world-reknowned artist who showed early … Continue reading

2012 – A Year in the Life of Megz

2012 was a monumental year in the Life of Megz. The general themes I noticed throughout the year were: Pleasant Discomfort Disruption Possibilities Enormous New New New I spent the year getting acclimated to a new job in a new city and adjusting to a whole new mode of life I’d created for myself. Lessons … Continue reading

The Lost Words

I’ve lost my words as of late. My words visit in a most cyclical manner – because I’m a middle-brainer. Highly technical, analytical things spark my brain and make me feel like fireworks are crackling and popping off inside my head. They bring joy. Things like electricity. And Excel functions. And data analysis. And astronomy. … Continue reading

The Song of Your Ideas

Words are the instrument you play to the song of your ideas. According to Ze Frank, at least. I disagree. Words are the notes, the beats, hell… even the pulse of your idea-song. But they are not the instrument. The instrument is the essence of your being. Some writers stitch together words and suddenly they … Continue reading