Constipation of the Creative Variety

After a two-week-long creative dry spell, I was at my wits end. I had namestorming to do. I had copy to write! I had a business to launch! I could not afford fall victim to creativity-constipation ANY LONGER. So I reached out to my various tribes: my wordsmithers, my solopreneurs, my homies. I asked for advice on how to get through the mental roadblock when the artistic process felt like pulling teeth from a toothless, rabid beast.

I got a lot of the walk it out, nap it out, dance it out type of suggestions – which are effective, normally, but just weren’t doing the trick for me this time. I had solved close to a million online jigsaw puzzles, taken walks in the blistering cold Michigan winter air, and napped myself into oblivion. Nothing was breaking up my stuck brain cells.


Until Kadena came along. The effervescent, larger-than-life Kadena. After seeing my plea for help, she connected with me and offered up her time and heart and GENIUS BRAIN to help the cause. We talked, and talked, and talked, and laughed, and squealed, and got all sorts of creative. After it was all said and done, not only did I have killer new product, service, and name ideas for stuff that had been sorely in need for weeks, but my creative juices were finally a’flowing again! She managed to flip the switch on my brain spout.

And since then, I have been a creative beast. From client copywriting work to design layouts and website tinkering, now I can’t seem to shut the spout off! i have a business dinner scheduled with a friend’s dad to help him with lead generation ideas for his new tutoring business. I have TWO, count them, TWO Skype dates with almost-complete-strangers to evaluate their current web copy and help them get rid of their copy grumpies. I’ve cranked out 3 brand spanking new marketing collateral pieces (design and copy!) AND I slayed a chapter on a collaborative book project as well as a killer new welcome package for Hungry Entrepreneurs. [Check us out. You should totally join just so you can see the soon-to-be launched BAD ASS WELCOME PACKAGE I wrote.]

So now, my creative cup runneth over. Not that I’m complaining. I love it! I just wish this creativity stuff was more consistent for me. I want to live in this mode full time. Those two weeks of miserable, unimaginative hell were just intolerable. So how do you do it, full-time creative types? How do you keep your creativity at an even keel and keep it close at all times? I want to know your secrets.

I MUST KNOW YOUR SECRETS. Spill it, wondergeniuses.


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