Find the Others

Maybe I watch too much spy television, but I often feel like I’m walking around this earth looking for other agents. I wake up in the morning and put my normal people clothes on and go to my quasi-normal people. I come home at the end of the day to my super-secret lair of badassery and whittle away at my plans to conquer the world and save it from the ugly that lurks in every corner.

I run my normal person errands but as I frolic through the people and the passersby, I keep a watchful eye. I scan the crowds for people like me. There are others out there. People who dream of bigger things, fantastical things. People who say to hell with the status quo and yearn to pump some thunder through their veins. People who can’t sleep at night because they’re plagued with their plans for MORE.

timothy leary, find the others

-Timothy Leary

I’ve found some others in the strangest of places – occasionally at work, a coffee shop, a kid’s toy store, or even online networking events. There have got to be more others out there, though. Is the grocery store clerk an other? Maybe the person walking that obnoxious Chihuahua is one of my others? Okay, so not that guy. But maybe the girl who asked me where I bought my shirt? Or the man shopping for just the right onion.

Your others, my others, they’re hiding in plain sight just like you and I. They’re searching too. For their others. For you. We need to keep our eyes peeled and our hearts open to find more others like us. Every time others come together, the world gets a little more twisted and a little closer to being the amazing place we dream it could be.

Check out this amazing Zen Pencils comic about Timothy Leary’s quote, “Find the others.” It’s an excellent animated interpretation of Leary’s sentiments and it, of course, inspired this post.

Who are you others?

2 thoughts on “Find the Others

  1. EXCELLENT POST ! I love it! –
    I love that little connection bit – There are just SOME people – who stand out – who’s eyes meet with a glint of – I get you – we have a likeness – you are me – I am you – + we are all together – … I might break into sing if I don’t stop!
    and it can be ANYwhere.. right now as I’m grinning at my computer from Australia thinking.. MEGAN you have a freakin fantastic way with words and this post nails it!
    I love your writing – and your thoughts .. I’m sure if we passed in the street there would be a ‘glint in the eyes moment ‘
    Thank you.

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